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Advanced Reviews of Wolf Code


Check These Reviews and Then Read It for Yourself!

Advanced Reviews:

"Wolf Code is an entertaining read, but also a gently thought-provoking one -- a combination not always easy to find. I look forward to what is next for all the creatures in Brett's world."

--Brantley Craig, Critic, Professor, Author.


"Brett is a talented writer who paints with words. I could feel the wolves running through the ice and snow."

--Rachel Svendsen, Author of Immortal Bond.


"A sweet love story wrapped in danger, excitement, and video games, Wolf Code is a perfect fit for the adventurous reader."

--C. S. Johnson, Author of Slumbering and Calling.


"Not only is Brett a good writer, he is a storyteller. It’s a wonderful, wonderful read. There’s something here for everybody, and I cannot wait for the next book."

--Boo Sheppard, Interviewer, Actress, Director, and Poet.


"What would you do for love?  This is a driving question throughout Chandler Brett’s Wolf Code.  Will a man change his life for the woman he loves?  What lengths will a woman go for her love of nature?  How much will a wolf risk to protect his pack?  As these questions find answers, Brett’s love of storytelling shines throughout this thrilling story of the merger between the worlds of wolves and humans."

 --Jeff Sartini, Author of The Adventures of Shamis and Larry.

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