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How To Celebrate Tiger Day 2015! (With a Selection from Wolf Code)

This weekend (Sept. 26-27) Vladivostok, Russia celebrated its 16th Amur Tiger Day. Check out the link to the Phoenix Fund website: Here. Why should you care? Tigers as a whole are an endangered species, and several subspecies are critically endangered–and some like the Balinese tiger have already become extinct. Along with decreasing habitats, as human […]

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How To Find the Perfect Writing App: An Idiosyncratic Quest from Typewriter to Scrivener

Now that I’m in the production stage with Wolf Code, I finally took a moment to re-evaluate my “workflow,” as a number of writers call the process by which we fashion words into stories. I’m not talking about the creative side to writing, but the physical side. Thirty plus years ago, a writer would answer this […]