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Can Humans Live with Animals? : Jungle Book Reinvented

  There is a reason certain works get the label “classic,” and every now and then we see a re-telling of the story that reminds us of the power of its world. Disney’s most recent version of Jungle Book falls into this category, almost like a radical new performance of a Shakespeare play. Yes, we still […]

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Earth Day 2016 Deal on Wolf Code

  Some calendars don’t even have it listed in April, and many people dismiss it as a silly effort of “liberal-minded tree huggers” to promote agendas that will ultimately annoy those who are struggling to make a living (e.g., owls versus logging companies). However, the number of people who observe Earth Day is growing, and […]

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Goodreads and Camp NaNoWriMo: Resources for Authors

There are many social-media resources for authors today, and many authors eventually waste untold hours trying to promote their books through these channels. Although Facebook and Twitter can be helpful in some ways (I have made connections with several other authors there), I have found that they are not all that useful in building a […]