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Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness

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Danger lurks in the woods! Two worlds will collide, and you’ll not guess the ending of this suspenseful romantic adventure.

Don has a problem, and her name is Tsula. He dreams of a career as a video game designer, but when he meets Tsula, her passion for endangered animals pushes him back toward the real world.

In a distant forest, a wolf pack struggles for survival when a deadly threat invades their territory. A new male and female must rise to lead the pack in the crisis. Will they be able to outmaneuver their rivals, unite the other wolves, and escape with their lives?

Tsula’s activism, though, pushes Don into a double life when she targets the video-game company where he works. Will Don abandon his dream job to embrace the life Tsula opens to him?

And why does the fate of the wolf pack rest in his decision?

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Published by Dire Wolf Books. Available for order through all major bookstore chains, including the following sites. Each icon is a clickable link.

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Chandler Brett Answers Questions about Wolf Code.



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Advanced Reviews:

Wolf Code is an entertaining read, but also a gently thought-provoking one — a combination not always easy to find. I look forward to what is next for all the creatures in Brett’s world.” –Brantley Craig, Critic, Professor, Author.

“Brett is a talented writer who paints with words. I could feel the wolves running through the ice and snow.” –Rachel Svendsen, Author of Immortal Bond.

“A love story wrapped in danger, excitement, and video games, Wolf Code is a perfect fit for the adventurous reader.” –C. S. Johnson, Author of Slumbering and Calling.

“Not only is Brett a good writer, he is a storyteller. It’s a wonderful, wonderful read. There’s something here for everybody, and I cannot wait for the next book.” –Boo Sheppard, Interviewer, Actress, Director, and Poet.

“What would you do for love?  This is a driving question throughout Chandler Brett’s Wolf Code.  Will a man change his life for the woman he loves?  What lengths will a woman go for her love of nature?  How much will a wolf risk to protect his pack?  As these questions find answers, Brett’s love of storytelling shines throughout this thrilling story of the merger between the worlds of wolves and humans.” –Jeff Sartini, Author of The Adventures of Shamis and Larry.


Wolf Code: Wilderness War (2021)


Wolf Code: Wilderness End (2021)

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