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The World of Stranger Things!

Several of you probably saw Stranger Things a year ago, but I just saw the first episode. The homage to the 1980s is lovely, but the artistic expression in the unified vision of the writing and directing is captivating. The Duffer brothers, who previously worked with M. Night Shyamalan on Wayward Pines, excel at building […]

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Writing Lessons (2): The Building Blocks of Stories

At least since Aristotle, writers and critics have identified four building blocks that storytellers use to spin their tales: plot, character, setting (atmosphere), and tone (point of view). Stories are a (1) series of events that happen to (2) someone in a (3) particular place as told by a (4) specific narrator.¬†We learn these categories […]

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Writing Lessons (1): Expectations

Back after a summer break. I’ve been reviewing story-construction advice from writers, editors, and agents: Steven Pressfield, Shawn Coyne, Scott Meredith, and others. For my benefit, and hopefully for yours as well, I am processing and blending their advice into my own lists I hope to unpack in future entries. As Aristotle reminds us, stories […]