Designated Survivor: The New Must-See Show


Mix the themes of West Wing (yet, alas, not the Sorkin-inspired banter) with the action and occasional family moments of 24 (with no ticking clock), and you will have a good idea what Designated Survivor looks like. An experienced cast adds weight to well-written scripts that excel at the difficult games of characterization and plot twists. The production doesn’t give into the temptation of sensationalizing ideas (terrorism nightmares) we’ve seen before in Tom Clancy’s novels, but instead focuses on the theme of a relatively normal guy (characters worry how bland and inexperienced he is) inheriting a horribly complicated scenario. How can a “glorified real estate agent” lead the country through the crisis? Kiefer Sutherland, graduating now from the stunts of 24, skillfully vacillates between the nagging doubts and growing gravitas of the central character. Now that Person of Interest has signed off, it’s fun to have a new show to anticipate each week. Here’s to hoping it will get the viewership it deserves.

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